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Abed Fahd and Karis Bashar in the Ramadan drama

The Syrian artist Abed Fahd is participating in the Ramadan season of 2023 in a different drama series under the title “Al-Nar bil-Nar”; It is the initial name of the work that he will combine with the Syrian artist Karis Bashar in a different dramatic duo

The series Fire with Fire and with a character called Imran, Abed Fahd participates in the new Ramadan season under the supervision of Sadiq Al-Sabah Company,

Where its events will take place inside a popular neighborhood in Beirut, and monitors the stories of Syrian refugees in the neighborhood after migration and the period of war in Syria, in addition to the daily problems faced by the Lebanese.

Imran’s character appears, who controls those around her with her money and influence, while Karis Bashar, who contracted the women’s championship a few days ago, embodies a character called Laila, who is also a simple character who lives inside the neighborhood, but she has a human story revealed by the events of the series, and George Khabbaz finally joined the heroes of the series, where He embodies a pivotal figure inside the lane.
It is reported that the series is written by Rami Koussa, and the director will be contracted during the coming period, provided that the production company will announce all the details within days.

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