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Abed Fahd talks about the series The Assassins

The major uproar caused by the series “The Assassins,” which is being shown this month of Ramadan, and stars Karim Abdel Aziz, who presents the character of “Hassan Al-Sabah,” the founder of the Assassins group.

Syrian artist Abed Fahd was not far from the matter, after playing the same character twice before, once in the series “Samarkand,” and again in the series “Orchidia.”

As it was natural for the Syrian star to be asked about his opinion about the series being presented this time in Egypt, where Abed Fahd spoke to the “Your Interaction” program, which is shown on the “Al Arabiya” screen, indicating that after he listened to the criticism that came out through the social networks Social media and newspapers towards the series, and saw that there is a great production effort in the series, and there is a good image, and stars participating in the series, led by Karim Abdel Aziz, who has distinguished roles and a great history.

Fahd, who is currently on vacation with his daughter in Canada, also explained that the controversy arose because of the language, after director Betty Mimi and writer Abdel Rahim Kamal chose to present the work in the colloquial Egyptian dialect.

Perhaps the matter is due to the presence of many families in Egypt and viewers who are not accustomed to the classical Arabic language, but this is the case with the choice of the classical Arabic language, especially in historical works.

Fahd explained that the classical language gives the work its elegance and true character, so he flirts with the classical Arabic language and what it adds to the historical work, considering it to be the most beautiful.

Regarding some people’s comparison between Abed Fahd and Karim Abdel Aziz in presenting the character “Hassan Al-Sabah,” and the bias of some towards Abed Fahd, the latter declared his respect for the public’s opinion, indicating that he does not have the right to be the arbiter in this matter.

But he praised his Egyptian colleague Karim Abdel Aziz, the hero of “The Assassins,” and concluded his talk about the series by saying, “I wish they had chosen the classical Arabic language.”

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