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Abu Shehab and Moataz meet again

The two Syrian stars, Samer Al-Masry and Wael Sharaf, appeared in a new image after a long absence.
The two stars, through their official accounts on the social networking site “Instagram”, published a photo of them, and Samer commented on the photo: “Al-Khal and Ibn Akhto”, in reference to their roles in the famous series “Bab Al-Hara”.
While Wael said in his comment on the pictures: “After a long time now, with the star Samer Al-Masry and the friend Moaz Al-Kafri, happy evening, young men and women.”

Samer Al-Masry had played the character of “Al-Akeed Abu Shehab” over several parts, before a dispute broke out with producer and director Bassam Al-Mulla and he left the job, while the star Wael Sharaf, famous for the character “Moataz”, became an agent of the “Hyena” neighborhood after his uncle “Abu Shehab” before he Wael also withdraws from the series after disagreements with director and producer Bassam Al Mulla.

The series also gained a very wide popularity and audience, but on the other hand, it witnessed major differences between its producer and a number of its stars, before the main series stopped with the transfer of ownership of the work to producer Muhammad Qaband after a series of lawsuits, which continues to produce the work until the present time, but with a change in the main stars of the work and with new characters.
On the other hand, on the technical level, Wael is starring in the joint series “The Violinist”, which he co-stars with star Amal Arafa and star Habib Ghuloom.
As for Samer, he has finished filming his role in the international movie “North of the Teen”, starring the Syrian star Joumana Murad, in addition to a large number of social media stars in the United States of America.
Al-Masry revealed earlier that he was confronting the championship of a long series that will be present on screens in Ramadan 2022.

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