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Actress Sherine Reda made bold and frank statements, as she blew up a surprise by revealing her opinion on Yusra’s husband.

Actress Sherine Reda made bold, frank statements
, where she detonated a surprise by revealing her opinion on Yusra’s husband
Khaled Selim, brother of the artist Hisham Selim, expressed her admiration for her husband and her desire to marry him.
Sherine: My family wanted me to marry Hisham Selim


Yusra began to ask Sherine Reda about the secret of her admiration for the family of Saleh Selim and her opinion of them (laughing with a smile full of shame), saying: “There was a strong friendship that linked your family to the family of Saleh Selim?” To which Sherine responded with a laugh: “My family wanted them to marry me to Hisham.” Selim is your husband’s brother, but I was hoping to marry Khaled Selim (your husband, Yousra), so that Yousra showed signs of jealousy and surprise on her face.

And Sherine Reda continued her speech and revealed her opinion of Hisham Selim, saying: “Hisham was “very naughty”, while Khaled, your husband, was “sane”, calm and very attractive.

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