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Afghanistan supports Turkey’s protection proposal for Kabul airport

Kalamuddin Shinwari, an advisor to the Afghan president, revealed that his country’s authorities do not oppose Turkey’s protection of Kabul International Airport after the withdrawal of US forces.
According to him, Ankara offered it to Washington, in order to “get some favors from the United States.”
Shinwari also added: “But the approval of the Afghan side on this matter is one of the necessary conditions. The Afghan government has no problems with Turkey, on this issue.”
The adviser to the Afghan president stressed that his country’s government does not oppose the development of events according to these tracks.
And earlier, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that Ankara had offered to provide security for Kabul Airport after the withdrawal of US forces, on the condition that a number of conditions it had proposed were met.
Later, the minister said that a final decision had not yet been made, and that negotiations were underway with the United States and Afghanistan.
For its part, the Taliban announced its opposition to the deployment of Turkish forces in Afghanistan, because it violates the sovereignty of the country.

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