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After 12 years of absence, Caesar returns to Egypt

Kazem El-Saher returns to her after an absence of 12 years…

A source in one of the party planning companies announced that the company is currently conducting negotiations with the Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher in order to revive a huge concert on the Egyptian northern coast, and this concert is expected to be his first after an absence of 12 years, specifically since the summer of 2009.

The source also announced that the company had reached a semi-principal agreement with El-Saher to hold a huge celebration on the northern coast that befits its artistic history and constitutes a strong return to it in Egypt. On the other hand, Al-Saher is cooperating with the poet Osama Abdel-Al in a new song in the Iraqi dialect, which will be released early next month. It bears the name “After You My Love”. Abdel-Aal confirmed that the song took a month to compose, and that Kazem El-Saher is known to have a strong voice that allows the composer to make the melody for him comfortably. It is reported that El-Saher missed concerts in Egypt because of his wages, which many consider exaggerated, which party organizers cannot afford.

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