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After a long absence … the appearance of the artist, athar al-Hakim, and a change in her features

After a long absence from the art scene, the Egyptian actress, athar al-Hakim, appeared in the backstage of the play “The Optimist” that is currently shown on the National Theater in Cairo. The artist’s features have changed dramatically, so that some observers commented that had her name not been on the picture, it would have been difficult to identify her. .

Actress Sahar Al-Sayegh shared the photo she collected with the artist Athar alongside the actor Sameh Hussein on her official account on the “Instagram” website.

Al-Sayegh commented on the photo, “The star enlightened and honored us at the effects of al-Hakim … the play of the optimist on the national stage.”

It is noteworthy that athar al-Hakim participated in several important films, including “The Tiger and the Female” starring the Egyptian actor Adel Imam, “Love Over the Pyramid Plateau” starring the Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaki, and the movie “Hero of Cards” alongside his hero, the Egyptian actor Mamdouh Abdel Alim, and another An artwork in which Athar al-Hakim participated was the series “The Tense Tendon” in 2009.

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