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After being accused of rape, Danny Elvis’ wife announces her separation from him, and this is what she wrote…

Brazilian Dani Alves, the former FC Barcelona player, is accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman in a nightclub in Barcelona, Spain, where he was placed in custody pending investigation results.

Weeks after the incident, however, the 29-year-old model, Joanna Sanz, finally came out to announce her position on the issue with a written letter announcing the separation from her partner, Danny Elvis.

In touching words, Sanz spoke about her relationship with her ex-partner, the amount of support he had always given her, the good treatment she had always received from him, and the wonderful looks he was looking at her, which needed many years to come out of her memory.

“I love him and always will. But I love myself, respect myself and value myself much more than that,” the written message she posted read.

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