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After his success in the Arab world .. “prestige” globally

After the great success achieved by the series “Al-Hiba” directed by Samer Barqawi and producer Sadiq Al-Sabah and starring Syrian star Tim Hassan, the series has recently started showing it on one of the Indian TV channels after it was dubbed into Hindi.

According to the information, the first and second parts of the series have been dubbed at the present time, and the rest of the parts will be dubbed in succession, and the work will be shown on one of the Indian channels on Thursday and Friday of each week.

It is also noteworthy that the fifth and final part of the series “Al-Hiba”, which is titled “Al-Hiba – Jabal”, is being filmed at the present time, and it is starring Tim Hassan, Mona Wassef, Rosina Lathqani, Abdo Shaheen, while participating in this part are also: The two stars Abdel Moneim Amayri and Aimee Sayah.

This part witnesses the exclusion of Owais Makhlati from this part after disputes with the producing company, as this part will witness the death of the character “Sakhr” that Owais performed over the previous four parts.

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