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After the absence of .. the Syrian Ghassan Massoud, to the world again

The Syrian international artist, Ghassan Massoud, is preparing to return to the world again, after an absence of about 3 years from world cinema.

The return of Masoud will be through the Kazakh film “Tomeros”, where he will play in the film the role of Cyrus the Great, the king of Persian kings who controlled half of the world according to Greek myth.

The film tells the story of the “Masagiti” tribe of the Saka people in Central Asia during the reign of Queen “Tomiris” – the first queen known to history who fought the Persians and defeated “Cyrus the Great” in an epic battle …

The heroine of the film, Almira Torsen, published a picture of Masoud on her Instagram account, describing him as a “wonderful enemy”, as well as being very intelligent, sophisticated, deep and charismatic.

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