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After the attack … the Israeli defense minister poses a strong threat to Syria

The Syrians woke up at dawn on Wednesday to the sounds of explosions that filled the sky of the Syrian capital, Damascus, and after the voices stopped, the Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying: “The air defense media confronted an Israeli bombing in the sky of the Damascus area, from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan on the southern region. Our air defenses dropped a number of missiles, “according to the statement, 3 Syrian army men have fallen victim to the aggression, in addition to material losses.

Although the Syrian defense statement did not mention any information about a recent response or an indication of a possible strike against Israel, the Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, posted a video on his official Twitter account, directing through it a threat to the Syrian government of the consequences of any possible aggression it might take, confirming “The Israeli army entered a state of alert at the northern border.”

Gantz said, “The recent Israeli raids have targeted military targets of the Iranian” Quds Force “and the Syrian army, in response to the planting of explosive devices in the Golan.

He continued: “I repeat to our enemies: Israel will not bear infringing on its sovereignty in any sector, nor will it allow dangerous positioning on any front, as the Syrian regime bears responsibility for everything that happens on its own and its territories.”

It is noteworthy that the Israeli army, for its part, announced in the early hours of dawn today, Wednesday, that it had launched raids against the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian army in Syria, and the Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adrai, said in tweets on Twitter, that “the IDF launched air strikes targeting Military sites of the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian army in Syria. ” He added, “Israeli warplanes tonight targeted military targets of the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian army, including warehouses, command headquarters, and military complexes, in addition to surface-to-air batteries.”

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