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After the German Toni Kroos, the Manchester City star criticizes Saudi Arabia

Manchester City star Rodri commented on the summer transfer market in Saudi Arabia and its impact on European football by saying that football in Europe loses in such a situation, which is understandable given the sums of money that are offered there, according to his opinion.

Spain’s midfielder said in the press conference that preceded his country’s match with Georgia that the Saudi influence on European football is negative, especially with the start of transferring talents to play football there, indicating that we will have to preserve our talents.

The Spanish national team will face its Georgian counterpart in the fifth round of European qualifiers for Euro 2024 at the Georgian National Stadium.

It is noteworthy that the summer transfer market in Saudi Arabia this season caused a global stir, given the hundreds of millions of dollars that Saudi Arabia allocated to attract football stars in the world, which drew a negative reaction from many football stars and coaches in Europe.

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