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Agreement between Russia and the UAE

The head of the state body “Rostec”, Sergey Chemezov, revealed cooperation between Russia and the UAE in the field of joint production of a light helicopter, as well as the future of the modern Russian civilian aircraft MC-21.
It took place on the sidelines of the “Max 2021” International Airshow, the head of the authority said, “The Middle East has always been important to us and we cooperate with the countries of this region intensively, and the region accounts for a third of our arms sales, so we always display and sell our products and even participate in Joint design processes for modern weapons, for example, the Pantsir system, is jointly produced with Emirati funding.
Chemezov revealed the signing of an agreement with the UAE for the joint production of a light helicopter, and said: “Today we signed an agreement with the Emirati Tawazun Fund regarding the joint production of light helicopters that will be sold in the Middle East and world markets.”
In response to a question about the reservation bag of the new Russian civilian MC-21 plane and the extent of the impact of Western sanctions on the production of the plane, the official said that the total baggage on the plane is 175 planes.
Chemezov acknowledged that the MC-21 aircraft project had faced difficulties due to Western sanctions imposed on Russia, including the supply of some technologies and equipment for civilian use, as Washington banned the supply of some parts used in the manufacture of the MC-21 aircraft, but these sanctions were bypassed through Replace these parts with local ones.
He pointed out that the serial production of the new civilian aircraft will now begin, and 4 aircraft of this model will be produced in 2022.
Chemezov also revealed the reason for calling the new Russian fighter “checkmate”, as he pointed out that it is a super-fast, lightweight fighter and has strong armament.

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