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Ahmed Al-Awadi resolves the controversy over his return to Yasmine Abdel Aziz

The artist Ahmed Al-Awadi resolved the great controversy that arose during the past hours about his return to his ex-wife, the artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz, and responded to the public’s comments regarding his relationship with Yasmine and his return to her, after her recent statements on the “Her Excellency” program presented by the media and artist Isaad Younis.
Al-Awadi posted a press statement on his Facebook account, in which he said: “All gratitude to Yasmine, the kindest and most beautiful thing I have met in my life, and my days with her will remain the most beautiful days I have ever lived. I said before that she is my only love, and we have a great love that reached all our sisters and they believed it.”
He also added: “Our words and our confession of our love even after separation… means that divorce is not the end of love, but the end of the share, but our return is a very, very, very special matter between us. Houses are graves, and only their residents know what is inside them, and our message to each other was before you: that each of us It carries all the feelings of love and even adoration for the other.”
Al-Awadhi continued by saying: “But if God wants us to return, then His will will be fulfilled in that, and if it is not possible to return, then it is His will as well, and with regard to the question: (Each of you loves the other, why don’t you go back to him?), then my answer is the same question (If it were like this, we would not actually return.”) But as I said, they are very, very private matters… Our covenant with you and your covenant between us was respect in the relationship, as well as respect in separation. I appreciate all the feelings of my sisters who loved our love for each other, but please, just as you appreciated our love and were witnesses to it, also appreciate our decision to separate. A share, and if we have provided you with a good example of love, then we have also provided you with a good model of morals in endings, in implementation of the words of God Almighty (and do not forget the virtue between yourselves).”
Ahmed Al-Awadi concluded his statement by saying: “Thank you for your beautiful feelings and your pursuit of goodness, and if it indicates the goodness of your origin and the generosity of your morals, and may God do what is good in it, and finally, Yasmine was and will remain the only and true love in my life.”

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