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Al-Assad for Arab Leaders: Syria the Heart of the Godfather and its Heart

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed the Arab League summit meeting, his first 13 years after Syria’s absence from League meetings.
In his speech, Assad stressed that the challenges facing the Arabs are great and many, saying: “The dangers are no longer imminent but realized, and we must look for the major headlines that threaten our future and produce our crises so that we do not drown and drown out future generations by addressing the results, not the causes.”
He added: “We must look for the great headlines that cause our crises and this is a historic opportunity to arrange our affairs in isolation from external interference.”
The Syrian President expressed the hope that “I hope that the summit will mark the beginning of a new phase of Arab action for solidarity among ourselves to achieve peace in our region, development and prosperity rather than war and destruction.”
President Al-Assad addressed the Arab leaders: “Syria has its present, past and future, the godmother, but it is the spirit of belonging, not the spirit of arms.
He added: “Human beings can move from one lap to another but it does not change their affiliation and who changes it.
He thanked the Saudi King and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for organizing the summit meeting and the Algerian President who had hosted the previous summit.

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