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Al-Miqdad: There will be no normalization with Türkiye before its withdrawal from Syria

The Syrian Foreign Minister confirmed that Turkish statements regarding the possibility of cooperation with Damascus to confront the separatist threat in northeastern Syria are now being dealt with.
Al-Miqdad said in a joint press conference with his acting Iranian counterpart, Ali Bagheri Kani, in Damascus: “There is no normalization with Turkey unless it withdraws from Syrian territory, and there is no negotiation with those who occupy Syrian territory before they withdraw from it.”
He added: “The basic condition for any dialogue with Türkiye is its withdrawal from Syrian territory.”
He pointed out that Türkiye retracted several statements in this regard several times.
For his part, Bagheri said: “On behalf of the Iranian people, I extend my thanks to Syria for standing by Iran in the incident of the martyrdom of the Iranian president and his comrades.”
He stressed that Iran will remain alongside the resistance against Israel, and that Iran and Syria are friendly and allied countries and are considered essential pillars of stability in the region.
He stressed that the continuation of security and stability in the region depends on the absence and interference of foreigners.

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