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Aleppo .. Turkey evacuates its points … and news of its besieged forces from the Syrian army

The Turkish forces present in Syria began to withdraw from the observation points they established in the countryside of the city of Aleppo, in implementation of the “Moscow” agreement between Russia and Turkey, where the Turkish forces withdrew today from the third observation point in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, and dozens of trucks loaded with supplies and equipment that had been made Dismantling it, from the point between the villages of “Sheikh Aqil” and “Qubtan Al-Jabal”, and headed to the town of “Darat Azza”, which is controlled by the Turkish-backed armed factions in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The number of trucks and vehicles that exited from the Turkish point reached nearly 100, while some of them were unloading their cargo in the “Darat Azza” and returning again to the point to complete the evacuation process, which is expected to be completely finished within hours.

The countryside of Aleppo includes (4) main Turkish observation points under the siege of the Syrian army, “Sheikh Aqil – Qubtan al-Jabal,” “The Green Hill – Al-Eis”, “Jabal Anadan,” and “Al-Rashideen”, in addition to some secondary points such as the one near the town Al-Zarbah, on the Aleppo-Damascus International Road, according to the information that the Turkish points besieged by the Syrian army in the countryside of Aleppo, especially the “Jabal Anadan” and “Al-Rashideen” points, began in their turn to prepare for a similar withdrawal process, without recording actual movements in their vicinity, but rather The general character suggests that withdrawing from it is just around the corner.

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