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Algeria invites Iraq to the Arab summit

The Iraqi government revealed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had received an invitation to participate in the Arab Summit, which is scheduled to be held in Algeria.
This came in a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Media Office.
The statement said that the Prime Minister received the envoy of the Algerian President, Minister of Justice, Abderrachid Tabbi, and the accompanying delegation.
The statement also indicated that the Minister of Justice carried an invitation from Algerian President Abdel Majid Taboun to Al-Kazemi to participate in the upcoming Arab summit.
For his part, Al-Kazemi expressed his country’s keenness to make the summit a success and to actively participate in its work.
He expressed Iraq’s aspiration that the summit would play a key role in strengthening the Arab ranks and the unified position on its fateful issues, especially the Palestinian cause.
The Algerian government continues to send official invitations to Arab countries to participate in the upcoming summit.
The Arab summit is scheduled to be held in Algeria at the beginning of November, at a time when there are many files on the Arab and international arenas, in addition to the economic crisis that the world is experiencing and threatening to have serious repercussions.

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