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Algeria opens an investigation into corruption charges

The judicial authorities in Algeria have begun to open an official investigation regarding corruption charges related to a mixed company that includes foreign capital and works in the field of maritime transport of passengers in the port of Mostaganem.
The Algerian newspaper, Al-Shorouk, stated that the company was suspected of obtaining unjustified concessions at the expense of the Port Authority, which required new summons for current and former officials to appear before the investigating judge in Mostaganem Court on September 17, as reports stated that losses exceeded 36 billion. Centimes (360 million Algerian dinars) incurred by the public treasury as a result of these unjustified concessions.
Informed sources also said that a former general manager of the port of Mostaganem and officials in various departments and interests in the port were summoned, in addition to witnesses and a whistleblower on the file.
As this communication was actually heard about 10 months ago by the judicial police investigators, as the minutes were documented with more than 26 documents, related to the nature of the contracts concluded and the activities carried out by the foreign company.
The investigation also aims to find out whether the company benefited from suspicious privileges, as well as to assess the veracity of news reports related to the case that were submitted to the Public Prosecution, whether with evidence or presumptions.
In the same context, the whistleblower in question was summoned to appear before the investigating judge, to start the judicial investigation and determine the charges and follow-up stages in a new file related to a mixed company that benefited from significant financial exemptions during the previous years (2016, 2017, 2018) according to a partnership agreement that was signed in mid-2018. 2016.
Where it is indicated that the current file that is presented before the investigation body in the Mostaganem court is considered as disturbing to the same extent as the previous file that led to the dismissal of the president, the former general manager of the Algerian Ports Management Complex, another official from the port of Mostaganem and the former exploitation manager.

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