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Algerian-Russian partnership in the field of energy

The Russian ambassador to Algeria, Valerian Shuvaev, said that both Moscow and Algeria pursue identical visions in the energy sector, including within the framework of cooperation in OPEC + and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

This is between Shuvaev on cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy: “Russia and Algeria adhere to a similar approach in general in the oil and gas sectors, including within the framework of interaction in the OPEC + and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, where there is a regular exchange of views at various levels, including in the context of international events.

The Russian ambassador added, “We understand Algeria’s efforts to increase gas supplies to Europe. However, Algeria and other oil and gas producers have an interest in preserving independence for global energy markets, and therefore no ‘dramatic’ unilateral steps should be expected in this context.”

Shufayev indicated that there is bilateral cooperation in the field of production, through the Russian company Gazprom, which has a branch in Algeria, which “decided to move from the stage of geological exploration to the stage of production. A set of measures is now being taken to complement the legal aspects of its project.”

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