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Amal Arafa and Abdel Moneim Amayri reveal the reasons for their divorce

The two Syrian stars, Abdel Moneim Amayri, appeared
And Amal Arafa in a TV episode
The episode received great public acclaim due to the elegant and spontaneous dialogue between the two separated stars.
During the meeting, Abdel Moneim Amayri revealed the reasons for his separation and Amal, and said: “There are general reasons related to traveling and settling in Dubai, then Beirut, and then returning to Damascus, where they suffered from a general lack of stability.”
Abdel Moneim Amayri said: “This lack of stability led to instability on the psychological and sensory levels. As for the details, there are differences in some habits, for example, I sleep 4 hours and hope takes 10 hours, and I like the loud sound and hope you hate it. In my opinion, the general problems, whether traveling or Moving or not working are all factors.
Abdel Moneim: The acting profession has many diseases
And whether the acting profession was the reason for their separation, Abdel Moneim added: “This profession is difficult and difficult and contains many diseases.”
While Amal Arafa said that it was possible that the acting profession was what separated them, but she does not think so.
I’m a messy person
Regarding his life after the separation, Abdel Moneim Amayri said that he left the house with his passport and the clothes he was wearing, and he did not have a clear plan for his life. He emphasized that his life varied from settling in a home, family, and organization to a completely different life.
Amayri pointed out that Amal was talking during sleep, and on one occasion she yelled at him because she saw in the dream that he was cheating on her, while he revealed that Amal was suffering from a “snoring” sound.
Regarding his opinion of the joint drama, Al-Amayri said: “There are works that are carefully and accurately manufactured, and they are distinguished, and I am currently working on them. Certainly, the Syrian stars have been subjected to some injustice in the joint drama, unlike the Syrian stars.
Amayri explained that Amal Arafa is an exceptional actress and that what some stars are reaping and rejoicing at the present time was achieved by Amal a very long time ago and that she is an icon in the art world.
Amayri pointed out that Amal sacrificed many important opportunities to eat her two daughters and for the sake of the family, yet she achieved stardom and great fun.
Amal Arafa Qamar.. and my two daughters prevent me from getting married
Amayri explained that he sees Amal Arafa as the moon, and if it were not for this, he would not have married her and had a relationship with her.
Amayri announced that he does not mind playing the lead role if Amal writes their love story, as it is a beautiful story and he was her hero in life and there is no objection to her performance in the drama.
Anonymous registration tired me and I felt sad
Amayri explained that he was very tired with the series “Qayd Majnoun” and fell ill after that, and said: “At one stage, I thought that the dream was over until the series “Qayd Majnoun” came, and after that I felt a great pain in the sense that “you did not see me until now.” And I do not have a dream of stardom, but a dream Excellent actor.”
Amal: I felt comfortable after the divorce
For her part, Amal Arafa confirmed that she felt comfortable in some aspects of her life after the separation, foremost of which was anxiety, for example, and said: “I am closing the door on myself and my daughters and do not think about what is outside the door.”
Amal added, “We separated at the right time and it was not possible to continue unless one of us made very big concessions. We did that earlier. Perhaps I am more because I am the wife and mother, but now we are friends, companions of Omar and colleagues.”
Amal pointed out that she hates divorce and loves the family and the family, and that the step was not easy at all.
Wadih Al-Safi and Sabah are visitors to her family’s home
Amal explained that she taught Abdel Moneim at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, as she graduated from the institute before him and taught him the subject of recitation, and revealed that she used to see all the stars in the house of her late father, musician Suhail Arafa, where they were visited by big stars, including the late Wadih Al-Safi and the late Sabah. Amal said: “I understood the profession More deeply than the idea of ​​temporary success, and I intended to study directing, but my father asked me to enter the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, where I could combine my talents in acting and singing.
On her opinion of the joint drama, Amal Arafa said: “Despite some exceptions, the joint drama should not be devoted as a single identity to the drama apart from the pure drama, whether Syrian, Egyptian or Lebanese.
It is more like a prefabricated building being installed and not in the spirit of a properly built and cohesive building.”

The drama of the Levantine environment should not be perpetuated
Amal believed that Syrian drama should be protected as an industry, and that the Levantine environment should not be devoted only to drama, and she saw that there are attempts to save Syrian drama, but it is poor and weak and needs capital.
On the possibility of their remarriage again, the two stars confirmed that their relationship is stable and there is a solid friendship. Amal said: “I did not leave Arjalo. A successful marriage is not a continuous marriage, and the best thing that happened in marriage is Salma and Mary.”
In turn, Abdel Moneim said: “It is not possible for them to return to each other and that they are friends and lovers of each other.”

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