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Amal Arafa talks about her artistic and emotional life

Syrian star Amal Arafa said this when talking about her artistic career, revealing many of her private affairs behind the scenes, and telling stories from her personal experiences.
At the beginning, Arafa spoke about her latest work, “Close Your Eyes,” and stressed that her experience in this series is one of the important experiences in her artistic life, because it will remain firmly established in people’s memories.
She pointed out that she did not know the value of the salaries of the artists participating with her in the series, and added: “But I am convinced that the wages I received are fair compared to my great efforts at work.”
Regarding her ex-husband, the star Abdel Moneim Amairi, commenting that he received the highest salary in “Close Your Eyes,” she responded spontaneously: “I hope so… because in the end this will bring goodness to our two daughters.”
Amal did not oppose the idea of ​​marrying again, and said: “I always wonder if I will spend time alone after my two daughters grow up… If I get married, I would prefer for my husband to be an astronaut and come down from the station to Earth every few months… That is what I prefer.”
She also added: “I am a social person. I love interacting with people, when I am feeling well and have positive energy. In other cases, I become isolated. I spend my time reading with my two daughters, and taking care of my favorite dog, Fluffy.”
During the meeting, the Syrian star told a special story that happened with her fellow star, Shukran Murtaja, and pointed out that she had previously blocked her on social media, due to a passing dispute, and it later became clear to her that Shukran was wise in this behavior, so as not to exacerbate the problem. She added: “Shukran is one of my best friends and will remain.”
Arafa also confirmed that she has not banned any artist on any social media platform, but she does not hesitate to use it against any follower who might write a comment that she deems inappropriate.
Regarding dubbed series, she confirmed that she does not like this type of work, because it has no soul, and is often forgotten after the show, and she said: “This has nothing to do with money, as this type of work may bring pleasure, but it is quickly forgotten and does not leave an impression on the viewer.”
In addition, Amal Arafa strongly refused to participate in the prank program with Ramez Jalal because it contradicts her interests and nature. She added: “I will not participate with Ramez Jalal even if they give me the money of the world.”

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