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Amal Bouchoucha with knife and weapon

Actress Amal Bouchoucha published a picture of the character “Fidda”, with which she competed in the Ramadan drama for this season, through the events of the series Dwar Shamali. Where we reveal the scenes of this character that charmed Amal Bouchoucha at first sight.

The character of Fadda, in which Amal Bouchoucha appears in the events of the Northern Circle series, was not based on the imagination of the writer of the work, but rather a real character. According to our sources, the character that Amal embodies in the events of the series is a character with whom the author of the work met in one way.
Amal had been trained to carry a weapon before filming for this work, and she was injured in one of the scenes of the series while carrying a knife.

This series revolves around the religious extremism that Syria suffered from in the seventies and the crises that Syria went through during this period, and Abdel Moneim Amayri participates in the action championship and Samia Al-Jazaery, directed by Amer Fahd.

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