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Ambulances at the George Wassouf concert

The Jerash Festival administration pushed equipped ambulances and established a mobile clinic, before hosting the Syrian star George Wassouf yesterday evening, for several reasons, the most important of which was that Wassouf had gone through several health crises in the recent period, and the party witnessed an unprecedented turnout to the extent that some Jordanians launched a campaign on websites Social media to demand its cancellation minutes before its start, for fear of the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Ayman Samawi, director of the Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts, revealed the festival’s preparations before George Wassouf’s concert, stressing the presence of ambulances and 3 medical clinics, in addition to the presence of doctors, nurses and paramedics inside the festival to deal with any emergency situation for the artists or the public.
In addition to ambulances and medical clinics, the festival was keen to bring a wheelchair to the artist, George Wassouf, in case he was unable to climb the steps of the stage.
The festival management was surprised by the attendance of more than 6 thousand people to attend the concert, a number equivalent to twice the capacity of the theater after applying social distancing as part of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and resorted to excluding some of the audience after the stands were filled to the brim, and pushed ambulances for fear that the large attendance would form with a rise Temperatures and increased moisture, fearing for the health of George Wassouf.
The artist Munther Rayhana presented the ceremony, saying: You will present Abu Wadih. Jerash.
During the ceremony, George Wassouf presented a group of his most famous songs, including the song “Ya Bay’in Al-Hawa, O Night of the Lovers, and you blame me for a word, Qadak Al-Mayas, a surgeon, Saber and Radi,” “The Heart of the Lover Dallo,” as well as “Kalam Al Nass,” “Knowledge of My Heart Longing.” “.
It is also mentioned that the first concert of the Jerash Festival witnessed an emergency health problem for the star Magda El Roumi after she felt dizzy and almost fell on the stage had it not been for the members of her band to catch up with her. The food was too long for her to look perfect, which made her dizzy, especially since the temperature was high.

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