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America agrees to buy Morocco

The Pentagon has approved a deal between Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest arms producer, and the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, to supply the North African country with a US air defense system.
“Lockheed Martin” is preparing to intensify the production of advanced “Patriot 3” missiles in 2022 with a new manufacturing line, in response to the requests of a number of American allies, including Morocco, according to the “Morocco World News” website.


The new (PAC-3 MSE) production line in Camden, Arkansas, “will be ready next year to support strong demand for the high-speed air defense system, a surface-to-air missile,” said Scott Arnold, vice president of integrated air and missile defense for Lockheed Martin Firefighting. – Atmosphere”.
“We are increasing our production rate to 500 missiles annually to keep pace with local and international demand,” Arnold said in statements to the Inside Defense website during the annual conference of the Association of the US Army.

“We have clients spanning from Europe to the Middle East,” he added.

In 2019, the US administration conducted negotiations with Morocco on the supply of the “MIM-104 Patriot American” air defense system, with the aim of improving the defense capability of the Royal Armed Forces.

America also approved a $4.25 billion arms package for the Moroccan armed forces, including 36 AH-64 Apache heavyweight attack helicopters, and other associated weapons and maintenance equipment.

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