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America bans the use of artificial intelligence in this field

The United States of America decided to ban the use of artificial voices generated by artificial intelligence programs in phone calls, in order to reduce phone fraud.
According to what the media reported from the head of the US Federal Communications Commission, “bad-intentioned parties” seek to misuse technology in phone calls for the purposes of blackmail, impersonating celebrities, or spreading misleading information.
Under the new decision, the use of such technologies is now classified as illegal fraud, as American media expected that this would help significantly reduce the spread of fraudulent calls and misleading information, and provide new tools for judicial authorities to combat these practices.
Artificial intelligence technologies have developed greatly over the past year, especially those that ordinary users can easily deal with, and their use for immoral purposes has become one of the major concerns at the global level. In the field of audio, these technologies can now reproduce any human voice and imitate it perfectly.

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