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America buys Iranian oil at high prices

The former Iranian assistant foreign minister and expert in international affairs, Mohammad Javad Larijani, stated that American companies buy Iranian oil at a higher price through intermediaries.

And between Larijani in an interview with the Iranian Agency, I think that the Americans buy Iranian oil through two or three intermediaries, and the Americans know how to buy this oil.

The Iranian politician also added: “We do not care who buys our oil in the end, and we do not monitor that. We have specific and fixed customers as well as variable customers.”

He also continued, “The middleman who buys oil from us sells this oil wherever the price is high, and therefore the Americans and Europeans consume our oil in a more expensive way and at a higher cost.”

As for the global food crisis, Larijani stressed that “famine does not threaten Iran because it produces most of the food it needs.”

He also explained that “Iran’s communication channels with the world are large and wide,” pointing out that the famine in the world is part of it, a lie that the West promotes to incite against Russia.

He pointed out that the cause of the food crisis in the world is the West.

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