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America is working on a new nuclear missile

The United States has revealed that it is working on a $30 billion contact project to develop a modern winged missile equipped with a nuclear warhead, which is expected to significantly increase the offensive capabilities of the American nuclear triad.
Earlier this month, the US government concluded a $2 billion contract with Raytheon Company to develop and test the so-called “remote combat system” and prepare for the start of its production.
A Pentagon assessment concluded that the total cost of developing, acquiring, operating and maintaining this new missile would be at least $29 billion, of which $12 billion would go to the W-80-1 nuclear warhead developed by the US Department of Energy as part of a separate project.
It is expected that the development of the new missile will be completed by February 2027 to enter service between July and September 2030, and it will be supplied to the old B-52 and modern B-21 bombers.
Mystery still surrounds most of the specifications of the new missile, and it is expected to increase its range of 2.4 thousand kilometers, and it may carry out its first test launch in 2022.
The US Air Force has asked Congress to allocate $609 million for this program in its 2022 budget.

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