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America pressures Taiwan to buy weapons to confront China

A media report, quoting sources, revealed that the administration of US President Joe Biden is secretly pressuring the Taiwan authorities to buy US weapons that Washington considers effective in defending against a possible Chinese invasion.
According to the New York Times, the events in Ukraine have convinced Washington and Taipei that the invasion of the Chinese army in the coming years is a real danger. In addition, the Allies came to the conclusion that “a few armed forces, but with appropriate strategic weapons” are able to repel a great enemy.
According to the newspaper, Washington is closely studying the defense capabilities of the Taiwanese army to determine whether the latter is able to repel a possible invasion by the army of the People’s Republic of China. Meanwhile, not everyone in Taipei agrees with this approach. Against this background, as noted, the United States refused to supply Taiwan with certain weapons, such as the MH-60R Seahawk helicopters – citing the fact that they were unsuitable for combat operations against China.
The United States warned its Taiwanese counterparts that the State Department would reject such requests. They also urged US arms manufacturers to refrain from asking US government agencies to approve deals with Taiwan for certain weapons.
At the same time, on the official level, the United States denies that China is preparing for an armed invasion of Taiwan. Earlier, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Washington saw no signs of Beijing preparing for such an operation.
The Chinese embassy in Washington said earlier that the United States should stop supplying Taiwan with arms. According to Chinese diplomats, Beijing reserves the right to retaliate if it interferes in the situation around the island.

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