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America strikes the Houthis again

US Central Command announced that its forces launched self-defense raids on two unmanned drone ships and three mobile anti-ship cruise missiles north of the city of Hodeidah in Yemen.
She added in a statement that she had identified the targeted vehicles and missiles in the areas controlled by the Houthis in Yemen.
She stressed that it represents an imminent threat to US Navy ships and commercial ships in the region.
This announcement came after the US Central Command issued a series of statements about a bombing targeting multiple platforms and missiles, which were struck before the Houthis launched them.
The US Department of Defense spokesman also confirmed a tally of the total operations, saying that US forces bombed and disabled 100 missiles and launching pads, in addition to several communications centers, marches, naval radars, and Houthi reconnaissance means, in addition to weapons depots.
It is noteworthy that since November 19, the Iranian-backed Houthis have carried out dozens of attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, which they suspect are linked to Israel or heading to its ports. They say that this comes in support of the Gaza Strip, which has been witnessing a war between Hamas and Israel since October 7th.
In contrast, American and British forces launched a series of strikes on Houthi sites in Yemen since January 12. The US Army alone carries out strikes from time to time on missiles that it says are prepared for launch.
While Washington and London say that the strikes aim to reduce the Houthis’ capabilities to threaten shipping traffic.
Following Western strikes, the Houthis began targeting American and British ships in the region, considering that the interests of both countries had become “legitimate targets.”

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