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American forces enter 50 vehicles loaded with military equipment in Hasaka countryside

Syrian media revealed that the American forces had brought in a convoy loaded with military and logistical materials and equipment coming from Iraq through the illegal Al-Waleed crossing to support its military bases in the Syrian Al-Jazeera region.
The agency also quoted local sources as saying that a convoy of 50 vehicles, including trucks, refrigerators, and tankers carrying American armored vehicles and various military equipment, entered Syrian territory on Sunday evening from Iraqi territory.
The sources indicated that the convoy first headed to Kharab Al-Jir Airport and then continued towards Al-Hasakah. It is expected that he will go to the southern countryside of the city of Hasaka, where the headquarters of the American base in Al-Shaddadi is located.
Over the past months, the US forces have brought thousands of trucks loaded with weapons, military and logistical equipment into Al-Hasakah through the illegal crossings to reinforce their military bases on the Syrian island.

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