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Americans attack Biden over Ukraine

Twitter users from the US commented and sharply criticized President Joe Biden for his billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, and for ignoring the country’s accumulated problems.

Earlier, residents of Jackson, Mississippi, where 80 percent of the population is African American, were advised not to open their mouths when showering, so as not to accidentally swallow brown tap water. As explained by the AJ+ Human Rights Project, most local people face this problem due to a chronic lack of funding.

“Ukraine got $80 billion,” says Mike Baggs. “Biden is a disgusting person.”

“Okay. I got what I voted for,” said one of the discussion participants.

“He’s sending billions to Ukraine, while the people of Jackson don’t have clean tap water,” said Askari Saneka, owner of Set Shakur, indignant.

“Biden is a white supremacist who is symbolically surrounded by many black women who cover him,” said Andrembloyd Black Astronaut.

Mike Berner shared: “It happened after Ukraine. Not only in Mississippi, but also in Kansas. Last week, I had rusty brown water.”

“It’s true! Your country is in crisis. You’re pumping billions of dollars into another country?” wrote WS Slayer.

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