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Americans believe that Trump is more successful than Biden

Former US President Donald Trump received higher ratings than President Joe Biden regarding Americans’ perceptions of their presidency, according to a new poll.

In a CNN/SSRS poll published on Thursday, 55% of Americans surveyed said they now see Trump’s presidency as a success, while only 39% said they believe the same about Biden’s presidency.

About 44% of those surveyed said that Trump’s presidency was a failure, while about 61% said the same about Biden.

The poll also indicated that fewer people find Trump’s presidency a failure now than they did when he left office in January 2021, with 55% saying the same.

However, Biden’s failure rating is higher than it was in January 2022, when 57% of Americans surveyed described the first year of his administration as a failure.

The same poll found that Trump also leads Biden by 6 points in the head-to-head elections, where he received about 49% of the votes compared to 43% for Biden.

These results come nearly six months before the November elections, which will witness an anticipated confrontation between Trump and Biden, the presumptive nominees of their parties.

Biden has faced a series of recent opinion polls showing low approval ratings for him.

Last week, a Gallup analysis found that Biden’s rating was lower than any other president in modern history at the same time in the White House.

Biden’s presidency averaged 38.7% approval in his 13th quarter in office, which lasted from January 20 to April 19.

In the same quarter, Trump had an average approval rating of 46.8%; Former President Obama received 45.9%, and former President George W. Bush received 51%.

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