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Amid the war on Gaza and its allies, Netanyahu faces a new impasse next week

Israeli media revealed that the hearings against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are scheduled to resume next week regarding many of the corruption charges that are being pursued against him, as the Israeli Public Prosecution has scheduled three sessions for the Prime Minister’s trial after a two-month hiatus.

The sessions will be devoted to listening to the testimonies of officers in the Israeli police and one of the financial bodies in the case in which Netanyahu is accused of providing illegal services to the “Bezeq” communications company, in exchange for publishing positive information about him and his wife Sarah on the widely circulated “Wallah” news website, which is owned by the former president of the company. aforementioned communications.

This case is one of 3 corruption cases in which Netanyahu and his wife are accused, and it comes in the difficult political circumstances he is experiencing due to the war on Gaza and the Israeli street and opposition parties holding him responsible for the failure in the war of last October 7.

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