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Amr Diab at popular festivals

The star Amr Diab revealed for the first time his new song “Ya Qamar” after he presented clips of it at a wedding held in Cairo during the past few days. The surprise is that the song was written by the festivals poet who previously presented the “Bint Al Jeeran” festival by Hassan Shakoush, and some songs by Mohamed Ramadan and Ahmed. My dream, and Amr Diab composed it himself, and it is expected to be officially presented on all digital platforms.
The song “Ya Qamar” is the first collaboration between Amr Diab and the stars of popular festival songs. The video clip, written by poet Mustafa Hadouta, was revealed on his official page on Facebook, confirming that the song will be released soon on all digital platforms, and after that, all new songs from It was composed by Amr Diab and arranged by Wissam Abdel Moneim, which is a major change in the work team that Diab used to cooperate with over the past five years.
Amr Diab performed the song “Ya Qamar” for the first time at one of the wedding parties he performed a few days ago, and the audience was impressed and they interacted with it noticeably, even memorizing its words to repeat with him while singing.
The lyrics of the song say: “Oh moon, if there are two of you, they will be two moons.. Oh moon, if there are three of you, they will be pyramids.. If there are four of you, I love four times.. Oh star, if there are five of you, I will give you five stars.. Oh, my lady, if Six of you, I would die, I am among women.. If seven, they would be wonders of the world, but in the form of girls.. But there is no other woman like you, and you have no sisters.”
It is new to mention that the poet Mustafa Hadouta achieved great success during the last period, after collaborating with many stars. Among the most prominent songs that shone and achieved great popularity during the last period is the song “Makhsamak” by artist Nawal, the song “Five Every Thursday” and “Malak.” Al-Sahar” and “Plump” with the artist Mohamed Ramadan, the song “Wasa Wasa” and “Dab Dab” with the artist Ahmed Saad, and the song “Bus El Haraka De” by the artist Ahmed Helmy.
In addition to a dominant song, he performed at many popular festivals, including “Bint Al Jeeran,” “Oud Al Batal,” and “Crispy Biscottia.”

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