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Amr Diab’s next concert soon in Lebanon

Artist Amr Diab returns again to perform concerts in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The concert has been announced on June 15, during which he is expected to perform a group of his most famous old and modern songs.
The artist Amr Diab promoted the concert through his Instagram account, where he published the poster for the concert, commenting on it: “Beirut, we are back,” indicating that he will present his new concert in Lebanon after the success of his concert last year in Beirut, and it is expected that it will be released. Concert tickets in the coming days.
It is noteworthy that the song by the artist Amr Diab, “Tamli Ma’ak,” ranked first as the best song in the first quarter of the 21st century in North Africa and the Arab world. This was announced in a report conducted by the American “Rolling Stone” platform, which is the platform specialized in music and the arts. Popularity within a special report on the 50 most influential singers in the Middle East.
The magazine ranked the song “Tamli Maak” by singer Amr Diab in first place based on the rate of views and successes that the song has achieved since it was first released in 2000. The song had achieved 198 million views on YouTube alone, and was also nominated for a Grammy Award.
The American magazine also said: “It can be said that the Egyptian singer Amr Diab is the king of Arab pop music. He released one successful song after another throughout his decades-long career,” and added: “The song (Tamli Maak) is considered the best in North Africa and the Arab Gulf countries, and Amr Diab Sung over a slow, summery guitar riff, he talks about a relationship filled with shared longing.”
She added: “The song (Tamli Ma’ak) still has a tremendous influence, not only on Arabic music, but also globally. The song has since been covered or translated into 15 other languages. Many other Amr Diab songs could have been included in the 11th century.” And the twenty, due to its enormous popularity and wide influence, but there is something unique and universal in the song “Imtily Maak.”

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