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An Arab company that succeeded in entering the world of electronic games

The Jordanian company “Tomato” for electronic games succeeded in capturing a large part of the lucrative market for championship games in the Arab world in many countries.

Hamo set up Tomato Company in 2013, and those relationships were with a company he gets from 500 Startups in California’s Silicon Valley.

According to their computer, “70% of smartphones in the Arab world” have their phones set in Arabic, which means they like to consume content in their mother tongue.

In eight years, the company has grown from one employee to four years old, casual, and featured with conversion, portable ads, in Arabic, as well as a jacket to fit the culture.

The “Tomato” company, which has offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, has published more than 50 mobile games between iPhone and Android devices, and has achieved download rates of more than 100 million times after it was launched on the Apple Store and Google online stores.

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