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An auction in Argentina to sell some of Maradona’s belongings

An auction will be held in Argentina on December 19 to sell a house that Diego Maradona gave to his parents, two BMW cars, a letter from the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro and other assets owned by the legend.
The online auctions will be held in agreement with the heirs of the 1986 World Cup winner Maradona, who is due to be honored on November 25.
Cars, real estate and personal items will be offered for sale by order of Judge Luciana Tedesco.
Also, items of sentimental value such as T-shirts gifted from other players at the player’s funeral were also excluded from the auction.
The letter, signed by Fidel Castro, came after a friendship between the former Cuban leader and Maradona while the latter was staying in the Caribbean island in an attempt to overcome his addiction to drugs, which brought him twice close to death.
Maradona spent several stints in Cuba, where he underwent drug addiction treatment. He met Fidel Castro on several occasions and expressed his deep admiration for the leader of the Cuban Revolution.
One of the two BMW cars bears the signature “Golden Boy” on the windshield, and it will start auctioning at a price of 165,000 dollars.
The house that Maradona gave to his parents is located in the “Via Devoto” neighborhood in the capital, Buenos Aires.
A real estate company will soon launch a call for bids for websites located anywhere in the world.
The profits from this sale will be used to pay off the debts and expenses of the former world star and will not be distributed to the heirs.

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