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An Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza

Egypt presented a proposal to Hamas to release 20 to 40 Israeli detainees in exchange for a ceasefire in the Palestinian Strip.

This proposal, which was submitted to the Hamas movement, and which was formulated by the Egyptian side and discussed with the Israeli side, discusses the issue of releasing 20 to 40 Israeli detainees in exchange for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

It is likely that an agreement will be reached between the Hamas movement in Gaza and the Israeli side within the next few days, although there are some reservations. According to the semi-official Egyptian satellite channel.

An informed Israeli source had reported that it was possible to reach an agreement on the Egyptian proposal within days, despite the reservations of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to what the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported on Saturday.

He also indicated that the majority in Netanyahu’s government now supports the terms of a new deal proposed by Egypt and transferred to the Hamas movement, with the aim of reaching a prisoner exchange agreement and a temporary ceasefire.

Israeli officials revealed that “the security establishment and the majority of the political level supported the deal according to the Egyptian plan, which stipulates the release of between 20 and 40 Israeli prisoners, in exchange for a ceasefire for a day or a little more for each kidnapped who is released.”

While they made it clear that Netanyahu does not prefer a partial agreement, and is interested in reaching a comprehensive agreement under which all Israeli detainees in Gaza are released.

These developments came as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken postponed his visit to Israel until next Tuesday after it was scheduled for the end of next week.

It also came with knowledgeable sources confirming that the United States rejects the Israeli military operation in Rafah, because it will greatly harm the chances of a ceasefire and reaching an agreement to release the detainees.

In turn, the Israeli security establishment expressed its concern about the possibility of releasing prisoners if Israel launched an operation in Rafah. An Israeli security official told the Broadcasting Authority that this is “the last chance… Either the kidnapped people return in a deal that delays entry into Rafah, or we enter the war in Rafah and leave it, as we left the northern and central Gaza Strip, to Hamas.”

Hamas stated that it is open to any proposals that include a final cessation of “aggression” and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.

Nearly 129 Israeli prisoners are still being held inside the besieged Palestinian enclave, including 34 who have likely died, according to estimates by Israeli officials, after about 100 were released in a previous agreement late last November.

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