An Egyptian woman has been married to a businessman for 13 years, so it was a surprise

The wife of a businessman in Dakahlia Governorate in Egypt, was shocked after she went to obtain a national number card in the civil registry, where she discovered that she had been divorced in absentia from her husband for more than 6 years.
The lawyer for the 38-year-old woman, Muhammad Suleiman, stated that she has been married for more than 13 years to a businessman, has three children, and lives in the city of Sinbillawain in Dakahlia Governorate.
Suleiman revealed that the wife discovered this after losing her identity card, so she decided to extract new identity papers, to discover the shocking surprise, that she has been divorced since 2015, stressing that she is living in a state of great shock because she lived throughout that period with him in the forbidden.

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