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An Egyptian young man ends the lives of his family and friend in a shocking incident

A young Egyptian man named (Ahmed A) committed a horrific crime in the Maadi Gardens area in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, yesterday, Saturday, during which he deliberately killed his father, mother, brother, and his brother’s friend.
In the details, a quarrel broke out between the accused and his father because the former transferred the family property to him, taking advantage of his father’s ignorance of the law, or he forced his father to give it up at gunpoint, as there were many accounts from the people of the neighborhood.
The dispute ended with the son shooting his father and killing him. When the mother rushed to check on the matter, he shot her as well, as well as his brother and his brother’s friend who happened to be in the house and rushed over as soon as they heard the sounds.
According to the accounts of the neighborhood residents to the local media, the accused, who works as an engineer, transported the victims from the crime scene and buried them in the garage of the house, or on the roof, and covered them with sand and cement blocks to prevent the emission of odors and delay the commission of the crime. However, a report from the neighborhood to the security services quickly arrested him. The victims were transferred to the morgue, and investigations began to learn more about the accused’s motives and the circumstances of the crime.

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