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An exciting collaboration between starlink and OPUL Jets to bring the Internet to the sky

OPUL Jets, the leading brand of private charter aircraft, announced its cooperation with Starlink Aviation, owned by Space X

The project will provide the OPUL Jets aircraft group with the latest Internet technology during high-speed flights in the sky via the company’s satellites, which means the company’s aircraft passengers will be able to stay connected to the Internet to conduct business, watch live events, and general browsing.

The OPUL Jets charter brand has a huge fleet of Bombardier mid-sized, super-midsize and long-range jets, while Starlink provides internet speeds ranging from 40 to 220 Mbps and download speeds ranging from 8 to 25 Mbps.

According to the plan, OPUL Jets will supply the Starlink system to its Bombardier Global Express XRS aircraft

It is an intercontinental jet aircraft that can accommodate 16 passengers and has an entertaining and comfortable work environment and distinguished services on board.

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