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An Israeli actress makes a fuss with a statement about Cleopatra

Israeli actress Gal Gadot caused an uproar on social media, after announcing that the character of the Pharaonic Queen “Cleopatra” would be embodied on the cinema screen.

Gadot indicated that she would collaborate on the film with director Patty Jenkins, who had previously directed the superhero film “Wonder Woman”, which was the reason for her resounding fame around the world.

Gal Gadot said in her announcement: “I love embarking on new journeys, I love exciting new projects, and the joy of bringing new stories to life. Cleopatra is a story that I wanted to tell for a very long time. I cannot be more grateful to this distinguished team.”

And the new movie “Cleopatra” is produced by the American company, “Paramount Pictures,” written by Latita Kalogridis, in a retelling of the epic story of the late actress Elizabeth Taylor in the classic film of 1963.

The announcement of Gal Gadot’s choice to star in the film sparked criticism, as some denounced the choice of an actress from Israel to embody the Queen of Egypt, believing that an Arab or black woman should have won this role.

While Gal Gadot did not respond to the controversy, she explained in another tweet that she will present with the film crew the character of the Pharaonic Queen Cleopatra on the big screen in a way never seen before, following up that she will tell her story for the first time through the eyes of women behind and in front of the camera.

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