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An Israeli agricultural project with Arab countries

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Israel indicated that the World Bank is studying cooperation between Israel and four Arab countries.
The ministry said in a statement today, Thursday, that the bank is studying the cooperation of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates in the issue of agricultural research and development.
The ministry also indicated that a study is being conducted on the establishment of an international center for the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of desert agriculture.
The ministry stated that, “Within the framework of the discussions held by Agriculture Minister Od Forer, with the Vice President of the World Bank Jürgen Fogel, at the bank’s headquarters in Washington, it was agreed to establish the center in the Negev, southern Israel, by the Ministry of Agriculture, and it will be strengthened in cooperation with the World Bank and with the participation of countries in the region.”

The Israeli Ministry confirmed that the matter will be discussed by the World Bank’s administrative staff, pointing out that the Bank’s professional teams and the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture will prepare a practical plan to advance the vision.

And the Israeli Minister of Agriculture stated that “the State of Israel must lead global research in the field of desert and marine agriculture.”
He also added that “cooperation with international bodies is strategic and for Israel and all those working in the fields of innovation in agriculture, we are developing unlimited opportunities.”
For his part, he referred to “Israel’s leadership in agricultural innovation at a global level,” praising “Israel’s activity in the field of agricultural research and development.”

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