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An Israeli memorandum of understanding with an Arab country

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Ministry said that his country and Morocco signed a defense memorandum of understanding in Rabat today, Wednesday, which paves the way for military sales and military cooperation between them after the two countries upgraded their diplomatic relations last year.
The memorandum was signed during the visit of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz to Morocco. Gantz is scheduled to hold talks with Abdellatif Lodi, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of the National Defense Administration, and other officials.

Gantz told reporters as he prepared to travel to Rabat on Tuesday that he is starting the “first official visit” from an Israeli defense minister to Morocco, implying that previously not public relations date back decades, according to “Reuters”.

A source familiar with the memorandum of understanding said on Wednesday that it does not include specific defense agreements, but does provide a legal and regulatory framework for such agreements in the future.

On Tuesday evening, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz left for Morocco on his first official visit after the announcement of normalization between the two countries. During his two-day visit, Gantz is scheduled to hold a series of meetings with officials in Morocco, and participate in signing a number of cooperation agreements between the two countries. sides.

Today, members of the Israeli delegation headed by Gantz visited the tomb of Mohammed V in Rabat. And they laid a wreath.
The Israeli Ministry of Defense had announced the visit several days ago, noting that the Minister of Defense would sign a number of joint agreements in the field of security

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