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An Israeli newspaper reveals the content of Netanyahu’s meeting with the families of Israeli prisoners

The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Hayom” strongly criticized the way Netanyahu and members of the mini-cabinet dealt with the crisis of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas, considering that the continuation and deepening of ground operations to include the southern Gaza Strip does not guarantee the eventual return of the Israeli prisoners, and that the issue has reached a dead end because The Netanyahu government wasted valuable time, which could have been addressed and serious negotiations were conducted with Hamas, as it put it.

The newspaper revealed the content of the meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the mini-ministerial council yesterday with representatives of the families of the Israeli prisoners, in which they did not provide any convincing answers, and the members of the war council were not able to say that the strategy they are working on will guarantee in the end. The return of the prisoners, as the content of the meeting was described as words without action.

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