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An official Turkish visit to Iraq is the first in 12 years

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan begins an official visit to Iraq today, his first in twelve years.
Erdogan commented on this visit earlier, saying that it will be significantly different, and that a large number of files will be discussed during it, including energy, transportation, water, combating terrorism, and bilateral relations.
This is the first visit of the Turkish President to Baghdad as President of the Republic, as his previous visit was when he was Prime Minister.
Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said that more than 20 agreements will be signed with Iraq during this visit.
Fidan said: “Our goal is to develop relations with Iraq, so that regional stability, prosperity and development are possible, to institutionalize our relations, and to do everything we can to develop order and prosperity in the region.”
The files of combating terrorism and the development road to be established to link the Gulf region with Turkey via Iraqi territory, in addition to the energy and gas file, and economic and trade relations, are among the most prominent files of research and discussion during the visit.

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