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An upcoming Syrian-Turkish meeting

The joint contact lines between the areas controlled by the regime and its allies, and the corresponding areas controlled by the factions in northern Syria, witnessed security tensions and clashes that resulted in deaths and injuries during the past 48 hours.

This is despite the reconciliation attempts that Russia is working on between Syria and Turkey

The battles also renewed at an unstable pace, after the factions announced that they had targeted sites and barracks of the Syrian army forces near the contact lines in the north of the country.

While Russia responded with double bombing with the regime at the source of the fire.

Local sources also stated that a group affiliated with “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” tried to infiltrate one of the positions of the Syrian forces, which discovered the attempt early and repelled the attack, and prevented the arrival of military reinforcements in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

It is noteworthy that the northern regions are subjected to daily bombardment and raids by the Russian air force, at an unstable pace.

Whereas, since the end of September 2022, the Al-Inghamsia operations carried out by Tahrir Al-Sham or other factions affiliated with it have been active against the regime forces in Idlib Governorate and part of the western countryside of Aleppo, the countryside of Latakia, and the Al-Ghab Plain northwest of Hama.

Politically, diplomats from Iran, Russia, Turkey and Syria are scheduled to meet in Moscow this week as a prelude to the meeting of the foreign ministers of these countries, according to what Turkish media previously reported.

This meeting comes after the Turkish and Syrian defense ministers met in Moscow, at the end of last December (2022), in the presence of their Russian counterpart for the first time since 2011.

Moscow is making contacts to prepare for a meeting between the Turkish and Syrian presidents, despite Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s condition that the Turkish forces withdraw from Syria before meeting Erdogan, while the latter considered that unacceptable.

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