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An upcoming visit by the Russian President to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates

An American newspaper revealed that Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia indicates the failure of American efforts to isolate Russia.
The newspaper said: “This visit shows Putin’s growing confidence in traveling outside Russia, despite American and European efforts to isolate him on the world stage.”
It also points out that the lack of progress in the West’s desire to isolate Russia is complemented by the “strong” status of its economy, as well as the lack of Ukraine’s military successes, with the support of the United States.
She also added: “As Putin strengthens his relations with the leaders of the Arab Gulf, the continuity of American support for Ukraine has come into question.”
Bloomberg newspaper indicated that strengthening relations with the Gulf states also aims to strengthen Russia’s position in the energy sector.
Yesterday, Tuesday, Russian Presidential Spokesman (Kremlin) Dmitry Peskov announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to visit both Saudi Arabia and the Emirates on Wednesday.
Peskov added to reporters: “The Russian President will discuss bilateral relations and the settlement in the Middle East during his visits to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.”
Yesterday, Monday, Russian Presidential Assistant for International Affairs, Yuri Ushakov, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this week.
“This will be a working visit, and the talks will be with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and before that, we will be in the United Arab Emirates, and there will also be a working visit, and I hope that the results of this visit will be very good,” Ushakov added.

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