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An urgent US memorandum in preparation for war

Today, Saturday, the American media reported that an urgent memorandum was sent to various US military leaders and commanders of combat units in the Air Force urging them to prepare for war with China.

This was revealed by the American news agency, quoting a document issued by General Mike Minihan of the US Air Force, who sent a memo to his subordinates indicating that the United States would be at war with China within two years.

The TV channel also quoted Minihan’s remark: “I hope I’m wrong, my gut tells me we’ll be fighting in 2025.”

According to the general, China will try to use the US presidential elections in 2024 to establish control over Taiwan.

In which Minihan indicated that large-scale measures should be taken to prepare for hostilities with the People’s Republic of China by the end of February. The general also urged commanders to be more willing to take risks during training.

In a related context, the representative of the Air Command confirmed the validity of the memorandum, saying, “This is a real internal memorandum for General Minihan. His order comes based on the pioneering efforts last year to prepare for future conflict in the event of failure of containment.”

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